fashion fireworks

The 4th of July might of come and gone but killing it the fashion game?  There's still an opportunity because summer is still going strong with high temps and hot fashion! Here are the staples that you have to have to survive, fashionably of course, the rest of the 2017 heat wave.  

First of all a pedicure…yup get those toes in check because they will be on full display in a pair of slides.  Every brand from Forever 21 to Gucci has a style so pick a price point that works for you and get a pair! They’re great because they’re really comfy and easy to run out of the door in.  Even the double buckle slide is back…yup Birkenstocks have come back from the dead and these hippie chic shoes have catapulted to the top of the food chain.  

Next up cover your best asset with cutoffs.  Like all good things they are going vintage so you don’t have to splurge on a $200 designer pair….Levi’s classic 501's are all the rage! To save even more dough, and still get a retro vibe you could DIY a pair of old jeans.  

And finally for the top…….Ruffles.  The frills can be on the sleeve or across the chest or running up and down the body in stripes, lace, or knit but just make sure your top has an extra piece of the wavy fabric because they are the huge trend right now.  And they’re not stopping…they are one of the hottest trends for fall as well especially in sweater knit.